What is SOS studying Malibu?

Here are just some of the many ways that helped us as an SOS Studying Volunteer:

– Provide and or Serve Meals on our weekly Thursday night dinners.
– Participate in Outreach that range from helping a member move, get a DMV license, transportation, visit a member that is sick, or simply calling some of our members to check in with them and be a friend.
– Run Errands for SOS management to help run operations smoothly every week.
– Assist with handling the Phone Calls received through the SOS hotline.
– Conduct food, blanket, and sleeping bag drives to keep inventory afloat.
– Help with Fundraising activities either by participating in upcoming events or organizing one yourself from the ground up. We welcome your ideas!
– Help spread awareness for SOS by following & sharing our social media accounts.

Together we can find ways to help one of our members transition to a better state of life. Together, our possibilities are endless.

SOS is dedicated to providing learning intensive internships for college credit. We worked closely with Pepperdine University and have had over 50 student interns work with us as project managers.