How SOS Malibu received money support previously?

Where the money goes

100% of the money goes to helping people make a complete transition. All of our decisions are based on our mission. We ask, “Is this going to help this person ultimately make a transition off of the street?” The answer to this question is often different for each case. We are dedicated to suspending judgments and not making decisions based on assumptions. Instead, we listen and assess each case as it comes our way.

For instance, we may choose to pay first and last rent for a person because we know they are sober and ready for the responsibility of an apartment. We may also choose not to pay for an apartment for someone but instead pay for any expenses related to a rehabilitation program.
Money goes to housing, mentoring, education, emergency shelter, reuniting families, retrieving identification, and counselling to name a few.

How we’re funded

Most of our donations are small, regular donations from individuals. We also receive some funding from the City of Malibu, occasional grants, and from other non-profits such as local churches and the Artifac Tree Thrift Store.

501c3 status
All of your donations are tax deductible

Give in-kind
We need men’s clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, cars and trailers.